Commercial projects

My experience with commercial photography started in 2006 in Shenzhen, China. My first task was to take over 1300 photos of female model with different styles of lingerie and costumes. It was nice for my eyes but painful for my hand to hold heavy camera for half day. It was also my first experience with studio.

For me commercial photography has sense only when I have passion for the subject, when I understand and agree with photo concept. If something is against my idea, I wouldn't take photos for money only. You need to feel right to do it well.

Everyday I tried to make more use of my studio. I arranged some photo sessions for bags, shoes commercial. Also castings for models. I helped some Chinese girls to get involved in commercial assignments. I also joined some catwalks, fashion shows in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

In 2009 I started taking photos of products for different use, mostly catalogues and website presentations. It started when my wife's friend asked me to take photos of their precious stones and their shop. I learnt how to use shadeless tent and correct light. In future I used this knowledge for tools and other items photography. Product photography has two advantages - objects don't move and they are always on time for photo session, human models are more complicated.

How do I understand commercial photography - take photo of money for money ;-).

I had hundreds of stock photos with very different subjects, so I uploaded my photos to different photo banks. I was surprised with the result as many of my photos were sold hundred times. Later I could find my cityscapes photos of Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Shanghai in different websites, also some photos of Chinese factories in books and magazines. Recently I got book 'History of aviation in Poland' and it took my one day to realize two photos from cover were taken by me. It was nice feeling to know my work has use for many publications.

I always enjoy cooperation with people. For years I take photos of people, events, parties, portraits. Right now I try to involve more in wedding photography. I think it is great honour to be chosen for this special day as witness and photographer.