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  • Beautiful models

    Beauties from East and West

    Models, charming girls and confident woman...
  • Portraits

    Different people from different part of The World

    Young & old, males & females, every face and every story is different.
  • Landscape

    Wonderful landscape and cityscape

    Natural landscape: mountains, lakes, seas... and interesting cityscape.
  • Architecture

    Unique architecture

    Modern skyscrapers, temples, churches, bridges, railway stations and much more.
  • Documentary

    Events, places, people - interaction

    Sport, events, shows, people in different situations, action and speed.
  • Nature


    Trees, plants, animals, insects. Warning: spiders also ;-).
  • Nature


    Cities by night, neon lights, illumination. My time-consuming work with tripod.

PhotoPassion - Bartlomiej Magierowski, official photo gallery

Thank you for visiting my official website. Photography is my passion since I was 11 years old. Below you can see my newest photos. You can find here more galleries with beautiful models, portraits, architecture, nature, nightscape... Hope you will enjoy viewing all my work!

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